April 16, 2024

LILBURN.- This weekend, an interesting and free workshop entitled “The Inner Voice of My Child” was held, organized by Lazos de Ayuda and led by experienced psychotherapist Marisol Mercado.

The workshop took place at the Lilburn Activity Building in the city of Lilburn and was attended by several mothers from our community who came with their daughters.

Psychotherapist Marisol Mercado, who has been working with children, adolescents, and adults for over 25 years, conducted an engaging activity where mothers could internalize and recognize that to strengthen their connection with their children, it’s not enough to just love them; they must start from humility to reach their inner world.

“Your child is an individual and deserves respect… Your child is not your project, your child is not the antidote to your troubles, not your prize,” Mercado said during her presentation, urging parents to be less demanding, more understanding, less imposing, and more tolerant with them.

Even parents “must apologize if necessary,” explained the specialist in mental health and healthy human relationships, who is also a speaker.

The renowned family counselor explained that children belong to another generation and even another culture that does not belong to adults, and that parents generally seek to impose their own upbringing and education, which dates back to yesteryears, with perhaps outdated customs and practices that do not adapt to the real world of their children. Mercado urged to respect their individuality.

“Children are individual beings,” she emphasized.

Part of the dynamic of the workshop “The Inner Voice of My Child” involved mothers telling their present daughters 5 positive characteristics of their personality, creating a pleasant moment between them.

Aceli Zenil, one of the attending mothers, highlighted that it was a very educational talk. Another of the present moms, Lorena Castro, said it was “a great learning experience.”

Irene Barsallo identified that one of the areas where parents – especially immigrants – must work on is the quality of time they dedicate to their children.

“We live in a hurry, and that lifestyle makes us forget the most important thing,” she said.

At the end of the workshop, the attending mothers committed to establishing a SELF-CARE PLAN at a spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional level to restore their relationship with their children and overcome conflict situations.

In general, the fruitful workshop meant for both adults and minors an unbeatable appointment to cultivate love and perpetuate mutual respect through humility.

The most beautiful thing that happens to an adult is to hear the voice of a mother, of their father stimulating their senses, their self-confidence, and their determination.