lazos de ayuda implements early stimulation program in santa maria josefa shelter ferreñafe, peru

April 16, 2024

– Continuing with the hard work of benefiting the vulnerable children of the Santa Maria Josefa del Corazón de Jesús shelter in Ferreñafe, in northern Peru, the non-profit organization, Lazos de Ayuda, has implemented an interesting early stimulation program to strengthen the development of orphaned children.

This orphanage, run by nuns of the congregation Servants of Jesus Charity, has a capacity for 30 children in situations of abandonment who face various difficulties in their adequate psycho-social-emotional development. Several of them, besides lacking parents or any family member to take care of their upbringing and care, present some form of disability. These minors, in particular, have difficulty walking, use wheelchairs, and others have difficulty in pronunciation and articulation of language. They cannot express themselves.

Currently, the shelter accommodates 28 children from newborns to 5 years old.

Lazos de Ayuda has hired Professor Fabiola Barsallo Gonzalez to teach and develop this early stimulation program with the aim of ensuring that boys and girls have optimal psychomotor, language, and communication development.

“I commit myself to dedicating myself to the children, to give the best of myself to develop their creativity, their oral expression, and above all their autonomy,” said Professor Barsallo, who will dedicate her professional capacity and experience to instilling the fundamental pillars of psychosocial development in the minors in the children’s hospice.

“In this shelter, children live in abandonment but never in the Lord’s abandonment,” said Maritza Castro, founder of Lazos de Ayuda, who 15 years ago created this entity to support children in need.

Lazos de Ayuda also donated essential items to the Santa Maria Josefa del Corazón de Jesús shelter in Ferreñafe, such as formula milk, canned milk, diapers, toiletries, among other products for the implementation of said workshop.

Thanks to the generosity of volunteers, this organization expresses and materializes its work of love and dedication to disadvantaged children and hopes to continue doing so.

Lazos de Ayuda is constituted as a 501(c)(3) organization in Atlanta, Georgia (United States) and has been carrying out uninterrupted philanthropic work, even in the midst of the pandemic, providing resources to them.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We require the support of volunteers to join this humanitarian cause for disadvantaged children.

Contributions from benefactors are also required to continue the social work in favor of vulnerable children.

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