music workshop generates a positive impact on children’s lives chiclayo, peru

April 16, 2024

Music can have a positive impact on human behavior, especially if it is part of their academic formation at an early age. Therefore, aiming to generate a series of benefits in the lives of the minors at the Residential Care Center (CAR) San Juan Bosco, Lazos de Ayuda continues to finance the execution of music workshops. This program was implemented by this non-profit organization to benefit childhood, providing wind, string, and percussion instruments. Thanks to these classes, taught nine months ago by Professor Mario Frías Mundaca, the members of the shelter located at kilometer 10 of the Pimentel road in Chiclayo, can learn to play various instruments and obtain a series of advantages to improve their intellectual capacity, their way of expression, and self-confidence. Professor Mundaca highlights that thanks to the music workshop, the young people are showing responsibility, interest, dedication, enthusiasm, and sustainable progress. By learning to play a musical instrument, students can obtain a series of cognitive benefits such as improving sleep, sharpening their memory, and relieving stress. “Playing a musical instrument is one of the best ways to stimulate cognitive and social skills in young people. With this, basic brain skills are exercised, hearing is sharpened, and the capacity for expression is improved,” he explains. Professor Mundaca, hired by Lazos de Ayuda, emphasizes that one of the best benefits for these young people attending these music workshops is on a personal level. “It helps boost the self-esteem of young people since by playing an instrument they feel they can achieve many things if they set their minds to it.” Those who are part of this program, which could well be a talent nursery, are between 13 and 18 years old and gradually show positive progress and evolution in mastering the guitar, piano, cajón, and organ. Through melodies, these minors find greater enthusiasm for life and thus express their gratitude to Lazos de Ayuda for their support and sponsorship. And it is that music is the food of the soul.