Seek social support and improvement in marginalized and displaced communities across Peru, especially in the northern part of the country. Offering comprehensive services, partnering with communities to provide assistance with education, health and spirituality.
Maximizing the potential and ensuring the protection of the rights and values of disenfranchised citizens. Providing services to support development and success within the community; and motivating all to be active participants in the transformation of personal lives and communities.


With the solid and strong position to unite the people who emigrated and crossed distant borders away from their loved one and although it sounds paradoxical they did so to improve the situation of their families. The foundation opens the door of opportunities to collaborate and raise the faith to the unprotected who lack the means to satisfy the most pressing necessities of life. Demonstrating with this gesture philanthropist of pure love to support fellows who never forget about his or her country and that with the organization of help is given the opportunity to maintain a link with their homeland.
To be a leading institution in the formation of integrated persons, based on their own identity, their values and differences, rights and potentialities, with a view to generating an environment of inclusion and respect for all others. To be able to transform communities and society the foundation was formed in 2008. The foundation has proven to be highly competent in the development of social projects, research and the provision of community services that respond and integrate the population of all the areas of Peru especially the entire northern part of the country.


To contribute to the improvement of the socio-economic, educational and spiritual situation of the children of all areas of Peru, especially the entire northern part of the country.
Our main objective is to propagate solidarity, charity and commitment for the good of others, including social issues in which we have a moral responsibility to provide our contribution to the benefit of others.
Our intention is to create bonds of help between all of us shortening the distances, generating a cooperative spirit and thus promoting a solidarity attitude between those committed to improve the living conditions and the very life of the whole society and specifically the children of Peru.

"LAZOS DE AYUDA FOUNDATION", founded by Mrs. Maritza Castro on 21 February 2008 in the state of Georgia, USA, is a non-profit organization. The foundation, for nine years has been working non-stop daily in order to build programs, aid and support for children and communities of Peru with the greatest needs.


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La Fundación “LAZOS DE AYUDA”, fundada por la Señora Maritza Castro el 21 de Febrero del 2008 en el Estado de Georgia, USA, es una organización sin fines de lucro .La Fundación , desde hace 5 años viene trabajando día a día sin detenerse por un instante, para que en base a proyectos y programas de ayuda se lleve el apoyo a sectores de mayor necesidad en el Perú.


Reconocida según la Sección 501(c)(3) del IRS (sobre organizaciones sin fines de lucro), que determino que bajo la revisión de la aplicación para el status de excepción, que la Fundación esta exenta de impuesto nacional sobre la renta, esto permite que toda contribución que se realice a la Fundación sea deducible de impuestos.


Fundacion Lazos de Ayuda,

Email: info@fundacionlazosdeayuda.org